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About the Practice

Office Front Door Natalie Gordon

Natalie Gordon is my office manager. She will arrange your appointments, help you schedule your procedure and is always available to provide you with general information. She provides your access to my office and does so with courtesy and professionalism.

Our new offices are located within the RocklandMD Clinic at 100 chemin Rockland in Mont-Royal, Quebec. We have designed an office with our patients in mind and provide for you a spacious, calming atmosphere. Private seating, a television area, refreshments and the use of an iPad while you wait are just some of the perks you'll discover when under our care.

Office Couch Waiting Room Office TV Area

Your gynecomastia procedure will be performed in a modern, certified operating facility located within the RocklandMD medical clinic. Certified anesthesiologists currently on staff throughout the University of Montreal and the McGill University Health Centre network provide the anesthesia for your procedure. Your postoperative visits will be with Dr. Zelt in our offices at RocklandMD.

Our patients tell us our best quality is that we really care about our patients and their happiness. Our most important "specialty" is listening to your needs and what you want to accomplish. We will never prejudge your concerns. We will not make any assumptions as to what goals you may have for yourself. Your satisfaction with our office and what we have to offer will depend upon giving you what you want. To this end, we offer our guarantee that...

... your needs will always come first.

Our office staff and the professional caring nurses in our clinic will put you at ease and ensure that your surgical experience with us is a positive one. If you have any questions please contact our office and our staff will happily help you with any inquiries.