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Large Amounts of Skin and Breast Tissue

% of Cases
These cases are uncommon, comprising less than 10% of cases seen. They show excessive amounts of breast tissue, fat and skin.

The Clinical Problem
In these cases there is enlarged breast tissue with accompanying fat and redundant skin. Patients with this amount of mammary tissue have breasts resembling those of women. Those associated with weight loss often have tremendous amounts of redundant skin and fat.

The Solution
These cases are more complex. Firstly, the excess skin cannot be tucked or rolled inside but must be removed, leaving scars on the breast skin. The amount of skin to be removed varies greatly from case to case. Every effort is made to keep the scaring to a minimum and located on the lower part of the breast.

Incision 5 and 6
When skin must be removed, various incisions can be used. They are tailored to the patient's condition and desires. Small to moderate amounts of excess skin can be removed leaving an incision around the areola and a vertical limb extending to the inframammary fold (left). In cases of major skin excess, an inverted-T type incision may be indicated (right).

Preoperatively, the areas to be suctioned and the incisions for the skin excision are marked and explained to the patient. Under a light general anesthesia, the area is first suctioned similar to the techniques described above but removing larger quantities of fat. The incisions are then made and excess skin and fat are removed. After all bleeding is controlled, the incisions are closed with buried, absorbable sutures and the skin supported with special skin tapes (Steri-strips). A light dressing is then applied.

If you have other questions about moderate gynecosmastia techniques be sure to contact our office to set up your consultation.