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RocklandMD Surgery Centre

Your procedure will be performed at the RocklandMD Surgical Centre located in the same building as our office in the Town of Mont-Royal.

RocklandMD seamlessly integrates day surgery services with general and specialized medical services. Its on-site team of surgeons and anesthesiologists allows these services to be provided in a timely manner with minimal wait times.

At the heart of their surgical services are our state-of-the-art facilities. The ultra-modern surgical centre includes five operating rooms, a twelve-bed post-op recovery room and an endoscopy suite where screening and diagnostic procedures are performed. Day surgeries include not only plastics surgery but bariatrc and general surgery, orthopedic surgery, urology and gynecology.

With the RocklandMD Surgical Centre, our mission is to provide a complete continuum of services in order to ensure the best accessibility, the best care to the population and to answer all medical needs in the public and private sector.

At the heart of our mission are key values: safety, excellence, leadership, patient oriented services, accessibility, availability, efficiency and integrity, care and service.

At RocklandMD, our high standards with regards to ventilation, sterilization and infection control are a statement to the enormous concern we have for our patients' security and well-being. We have equipped our facilities with high-tech systems and have followed sterilization procedures and protocols with the utmost care. All of our equipment complies with the standards laid out by the most respected associations (CSA, AORN, AGES).

If you would like to know more about the surgical centre, do not hesitate to contact our office now.