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Gynecomastia treatment varies greatly depending upon the amount of skin and breast tissue present. Corrective procedures are performed in a private operating facility under a light general anesthetic or IV sedation with local anesthesia. Depending upon their complexity, procedures generally last from 1 to 1 ½ hours in duration.

Minor Amounts of Breast Tissue

% of Cases
This is by far the most common type seen for cosmetic improvement and accounts for approximately 60-70% cases.

The Clinical Problem
Minor breast tissue In these cases there is no excess skin. The nipple-areola complex is pushed forward by relatively small amounts of breast tissue. Sometimes it is very minor and only involves the nipple and areola appearing to prominent or "pointy". In others, the entire breast is enlarged to a minor degree. There is generally not a large or painful mass of breast tissue under the areola.

The Solution
These cases are best managed with liposuction alone through very small inconspicuous incisions. The areas to be suctioned are marked preoperatively with the patient in the sitting position. The placement of the incisions - usually well hidden in folds of skin - will be decided and discussed with the patient.

Incision 1
The incisions for liposuction are located within the fold under the breast and in the armpit region.

Under either local or a light general anesthesia, the area to be suctioned is first infiltrated with a special saline solution (Tumescent solution) to help with the liposuctionning. Very small (2 to 4 mm) incisions are then made, special suction cannulas are introduced and the excess tissue is removed with suction. Generally two access incisions are made on each breast to ensure complete and even removal of the unwanted tissue. Care is taken to suction in a uniform fashion to avoid postoperative asymmetry and contour irregularities. The skin then redrapes over the breast tissue during the healing period.

If you have any other questions regarding minor gynecosmastia techniques please contact our office so we can set up your consultation.